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09.29.02 - First off, holy shit, it's been 6 months to the day since the last post, anyhoo... Updated members page, but not complete. New pic of me, woo. More shit to come.

03.29.02 - Mikey D joined up. He played with us before the team idea, and we also needed a medic/minister.

03.25.02 - Well, after finding out I still can't play Half Life, the online game site isn't gunna happen. Loki joined the ranks of SK today. Since he already knows some of the other members he'll adjust with minimal brain damage.

03.23.02 - Party today, went fairly well. Couple ppl didn't come, but still had 8 total. Lot's o' bunkering. Since I got bored after everyone one got offline, I fix forms. Bout damn time. Thanks to Tripod's library that is.

03.22.02 - Deciced to open this as Paintball page and open a separate page for online branch of the clan.

03.15.02 - Woo, go me, 18. Some things now legal, others illegal.

03.13.02 - B-Day in 2 days, my 18th. PB party 23rd, best go w/o problems.

01.19.02 - Only updating 'cause soon the paintball season is starting and the clan will be revived.

08.16.01 - Forms still not done. E-mail to to join or challenge.

08.04.01 - Lyrics added. No luck on the forms.

08.02.01 - Downloads set up, more files to come. Forms not complete. Please don't use.

08.01.01 - Adding download page, finishing forms.

07.31.01 - Forms started and page put on web server.

07.30.01 - Start of page construction. Most simple areas are created, member applications and other forms not attempted.