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Current Members

Call Sign: Tank

Real Name: Weiss

Rank: Suicide Master

Position: Kamikaze/O

Class: Attacker


Notes: The word Suicidal comes from this man. Not caring for anything but winning, he throws himself into oncoming enemies with a smile on his face.



Call Sign: Syn

Real Name: Kleine

Rank: SuicideKing/Founder

Position: D

Class: Sniper/Ground Pounder


Notes: Even though he commands a suicide squad, he doesn’t charge into battles. He leaves that to the soldiers. He stays on D and plays as a Sniper to keep the enemies' heads down.


Call Sign: pondscum (AWOL)

Real Name: John/Brian/Ed

Rank: Suicide Trainee

Position: O

Class: Flag-runner


Notes: Not all there, but smarter than others, a kind of crazy smart. Think's he's all badass with his PT Extreme, but then again, as a flag-runner you're too busy to shoot or already dead.



Call Sign: Loki (MIA)

Real Name: Dan

Rank: Suicide Trainee

Position: O

Class: All


Notes: Altough not with SK very long, but he's played paintball for a long time. Might be homosexual, but he's a good player. He's got money from somewhere because he's got the most expensive gun on the team and doesn't mind paying for expensive paintballs.