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Clan Background  


Started by Matt Kleine and named after the Suicide Kings Squadron from Freespace 2, the game. The team symbol is the Suicide King Card (King of Hearts). The team is centered on small group actions, where team work is needed and quick thinking decisions. Although most of the team members to date have been playing under a year, they are all dedicated to the game and team and play every week. Like most beginning teams, the ranks of the team are real life friends of Kleine. But now that the webmaster, Kleine, has finally moved his ass and made the Join form work, it should start to expand. There is a local field that they all play at every week. Most are have memberships to the field and can basically play there for free, which makes them more inclined to practice. And like the name implies, the members are suicidal and will do whatever it takes to "kill" the enemy in order to win.

Be afraid…